Spring 2020 Weekend Retreat

Mother/Lover Earth and Sisterhood

Saturday April 4 – Sunday April 5

Postponed date TBD ❤️❤️❤️

Dedicated to attuning ourselves to mother/lover earth’s budding spring energies, we will be guided through a curated workshop journey to connect us ever more deeply to nature’s cycles within. We’ll learn ways to connect to our own rhythms in support of expansion and empowerment in daily life. Our presenters are wise womxn from the Los Angeles area as well as our song carrier Kate Lindsey joining us from Austin, TX. Healers, herbalists, writers, intersectional feminists – we are unified by a dedication to service, authenticity and community. This weekend is a coming together of powerhouse resources. Moreover, it is an opportunity for all present to drop into the heart and steep in the compassionate support of sisterhood from beginning to end. We call in our ancestors and celebrate each other in sacred space. We will leave uplifted, ready to take on the world and our dreams. We will explore experiencing the earth not only as mother but also as lover, where we cultivate a more reciprocal relationship to our precious planet desiring to give as well as receive. All womxn who feel called to join us are welcome with open arms. This is not an overnight event. Delicious, goddess worthy meals throughout the gathering (lunch and dinner Saturday, lunch Sunday) are included in the price. Venue is Feminist Sanctuary, a serene indoor/outdoor space nestled under swaying palms in Santa Monica.

Registration / Price:

Early bird until March 30 // $222

After March 30 // $288

Includes all sessions/workshops and meals

Send Venmo Payment to @feministsanctuary to register. Minimum deposit $100 to reserve spot, balance due April 1


Saturday April 4

9:30 – 10:45 AM // Yoga & Movement (Rima Thierry)

11:00 – 12:30 PM // Opening Circle (Nicole Sabourian)

12:30 – 2:00 PM // Goddess worthy lunch provided

2:00 – 5:00 PM // Cycle Awareness & Body Oil Blending (Olivia Spencer)

5:00 – 6:30 PM // Chill Break + Goddess worthy dinner provided

6:30 – 8:30 PM // Song Carrier Circle (Kate Lindsey)


10:00 – 11:15 // Yoga & Dance (Lucia Nicolini)

11:30 – 1:00 // Steaming Herb Blend Workshop (Erlinda Denise)

1:00 – 3:00 PM // Goddess worthy lunch provided; Tarot on site (Sita Young)

3:00 – 5:00 PM // Prayer Creative Writing, Closing Circle (Ashley Wilkerson)

Facilitators and Workshops:

Rima Thierry

Rima believes in moving and breathing the body as a way to uncover our own unique nature, to feel connected and grounded, and to step into our radiance and grace through unconditional love and acceptance.  She has been practicing for over 20 years, and has trained under the guidance of yoga masters including Gurmukth, Saul David Raye, Jonny Kest, and Guru Singh. She has a passion for women’s work, and is also a birth doula and lactation counselor.  When she is not on her yoga mat, she can be found running after her 4 little boys.  


Yoga + Movement Session // Fierce Embodiment:

Fierce embodiment is a practice that uncovers our own unique nature and reminds us of what makes us come alive everyday.  We will explore Hatha and Kundalini self healing techniques through breath work, voice release, movement, meditation and dance that will open our bodies, minds and souls.

Nicole Sabourian

Founder, Feminist Sanctuary

Creatrix, mamma, divine rebel. Nicole produces retreats and womxn’s circles as a platform for up and coming leaders in intersectional feminist and healing spaces to grow together and build community. Nicole will be leading the opening circle of our weekend.

Her 20 year journey of spiritual inquiry, healing and empowerment has led to a deep commitment to the path of sisterhood and activism, with an emphasis on reprogramming ourselves out of patriarchal ways of thinking and promoting non-hierarchical leadership, where everyone’s unique wisdom and innate power is honored.

Olivia Spencer

An energetic herbalist and educator, Olivia Spencer has been deepening her ancestral practice of living by the rhythms of the moon and sun for over a decade. While primarily self-educated from books, experience and observation, she also spent two years studying with Marysia Miernowska of the Gaia School of Healing and trained in postpartum care under Rachelle Garcia Seliga of Innate Traditions.

Cycle Awareness and Body Oil Workshop:

When we live in step with the cyclical rhythms of nature, we avoid many of the modern obstacles to wellness. In this 3-hour class, we’ll discuss the cycles of the moon (monthly) and the seasons (yearly) and how to get out of our own way on our path to vitality. To begin incorporating these practices into our regular lives, we’ll be creating self-care charts that correspond to the energetics of the four seasons. We’ll also be formulating herb-infused cooling body oils so that each participant will have a uniquely tailored oil to take home, which will be ready in time for summer.

Kate Lindsey

Mama to 3, plant whisperer, song carrier, sacred space holder, storyteller, birth and postpartum doula, caregiver for a new world.

“For the past two decades, I’ve actively immersed my hands and heart in the rich soil of life, steeping in the raw skillset and innate wisdom available when we listen long enough; when we trust our bodies and keep peeling back the layers of our hearts. I have learned how to be open, deeply resourced, and inspired to be able to serve from the overflow of my inner well, and share practices, pragmatics, and prose that stir the heart to remember where we come from, who we are, and why we are here on the planet at this time.

I love creating spaces for transformation to happen. I believe that each one of us has the capacity to heal ourselves on all levels of whatever ails us. I believe women’s bodies are miraculously wise and intrinsically resilient. So are our hearts –

as we reimagine who we can become, without all the worn-out programs, ideas, and institutions that limit our capacity to trust in ourselves and the visions inside our hearts. I am here to help women bring these images and ideas to life–whether through birthing a baby, a business, or a new way of being.”

Song Carrier Circle:

Song Carriers are women devoted to awakening the full potential of their voices. By singing and dancing among the sacred altars of water and fire, we come into a space of deep remembrance, rewilding and soul awakening.

Song Carriers songs are created in intimate dialogue with the earth, often in traditional mother tongues. These songs carry a potent resonance that promotes health, balance, unity, and inspiration for humans and all earthly life, now and for generations to come. We explore the depths of life-giving prayer, song and wisdom teachings held in the safety and beauty of sisterhood.

This beautiful tradition was birthed by Madi Sato of Santa Fe, New Mexico. To find out more about Song Carriers and Madi, visit: www.praisingearth.org.

Lucia Nicolini

Lucia is originally from Rome, Italy. She has studied dance since she was 4 years old, and fell in love deeply with every kind of shape that dancing evokes. That love brought her to experience new parts of herself and to heal many aspects of her life. Through dancing she could express joy, happiness, anger or sadness; for anything she felt she found the perfect expression in her movement. Dance was and is her medicine. In 2012, she felt called to go to Los Angeles where her interest in healing and energy work began. All these facets came together as soon as she became a mother. Dance and healing helped her through the postpartum process, and now she is also helping other mothers find themselves through dance.

Movement Session:

Lucia’s class is mostly guided by the music and what it can communicate to and through your body. You don’t have to be a dancer to feel what your body needs to express. Healing trauma through dance/movement reconnects us with our own self and helps to remove blockages from our bodies.

The heart of what we are going to do is dance. Through dance, we can see whatever needs to be expressed as the perfect beauty of our spirit.

Erlinda Denise

Founder, Girl Gang Steaming

Daughter of the Seven Sisters and mother of Goddesses, on a journey of self love, care and awareness. Erlinda has a deep sense of love for the practice and works one on one with clients and groups of women, holding space and sharing her own experience and hope around steaming. She is the homegirl, the sister and the friend, here to chat about all things vulva, love, self and motherhood.

Steaming Herb Blend Workshop:

Erlinda will be teaching the medicine and magic offered by a beautiful selection of herbs and flowers. Sharing the benefits of each herb from both Western and Eastern perspectives, in this session we will be creating blends for vaginal steaming and sitz baths. We will be setting our personal intentions of healing, power, wisdom and love needed for each Goddess within us.

Sita Young

Tarot to the People

A longtime Vipassana meditator and tarot card reader, Sita was given her first deck at 16 by her mother who was also a reader. Her meditation and reading practices inform each other, as her understanding of the psychological messages of the human experience through tarot continue to evolve. We are lucky to have Sita joining us to offer readings as an alla carte offering one on one on Sunday.

Ashley Wilkerson

Ashley is intentional with her magic. She softens and activates people so they can get down to the work that matters.  A poet, actress, vibe specialist, and certified meditation teacher, Ashley integrates her varied life experiences, gifts and talents to connect with people on a deeper level. She co-starred in the film, Hunter Gatherer, toured with Carpetbag Theatre’s, Speed Killed My Cousin, and was commissioned by the South Dallas Cultural Center to write and tour her one-woman show, Freckle In My Eye, which tells the story of an inmate on Texas’ Death Row.

As a Wellness Practitioner, Ashley has facilitated healing services and creative workshops for incarcerated youth & adults, college students, and community members. She has worked extensively with veterans, grieving mothers and crime survivors. She’s also partnered with an array of social justice organizations and corporations to bring more Mindfulness into the workplace.  www.DawnofAshley.com

Pen A New Prayer: Healing Through Creative Writing 

Blessed be the wise ones. The truth tellers. The seekers. The empaths. The women experiencing a rebirth. The motherless. The inner child who wept. The woman who wailed. Blessed be the earth mamas searching for divinity offline. The spiritually scarred. The brave. The ladies who like to play in the dirt while wearing their grandmother’s silk. Blessed be the ones who write what should not be forgotten. And pray with their whole heart and hands. 

 This gentle workshop includes a self affirming meditation, creative writing prompts, and an invitation to explore the different ways to pray. Each participant will write a new, individualized prayer, and it will be blessed by the collective. 

“This is what magic looks like. Women gathered. Raw. Real. Vulnerable. Strong. Passionate. Stunning. Supportive.”

-Alicia W.