Desert Retreat

A full moon weekend for powerful womxn to come together in our own high desert paradise to retreat, celebrate, and support each other through deep expansion. Dedicated to the exploration of and self care for the female body, we will steep in mind blowing and game changing resource shares to bring back to our daily lives.  Herbal vaginal steaming, transformative sex education, and menstrual awareness practices will be woven between sacred circle, sound baths, yoga, movement, and desert hiking. Presented by Feminist Sanctuary and Girl Gang Steaming, our medicine is the nurturing power of sisterhood. We pride ourselves as activists for the Feminine, dedicated to building a community of womxn reclaiming our sovereignty and full power inside and out. A gorgeous desert home on five acres of sacred land will be ours to enjoy.


Friday October 11

3 PM // Check in + settle in

7 PM // Dinner, Opening circle

Saturday October 12

Starting at 8:00 AM // Coffee, Tea, light bites available

9:00 – 10:30 AM // Yoga + Movement

11:00 – 12:30 PM // Brunch

12:30 – 2:30 PM // Pelvic Bowl Meditation and Crystal Egg Practice

2:30 – 3:30 PM // Chill Break (Tarot, pool, steam etc)

3:30 – 6:30 // Sex Ed for Grown Ass People Workshop

6:30 PM on // Dinner, Celebration, Relaxation, Integration

Sunday October 13

Starting at 8:00 AM // Coffee, Tea, light bites available

9 AM – Noon // Hike + Brunch

Noon – 3:00 PM // Closing Circle, Integration Time


All options below include participation in all workshops and group activities. Goddess worthy meals from Friday Dinner to Sunday Lunch will be lovingly prepared by our private chef, Barbra Gaddis. Hot tub, pool and property access also included. With the sleeping options below:

Tuition, Meals + Accommodations Option One // $777 total // Four spots // A queen bed in a shared suite with private bath. You can share the bed with a sister to save on this rate. Inquire for details on shared bed rate.

Tuition, Meals + Accommodations Option Two // $666 total // Three available // Bed options in common areas of the house.

Tuition, Meals + Accommodations Option Three // $480 total // Four available // Pitch a tent under the stars with access to shower and bathroom. For this option we can assist with tent and sleeping mat rental. Please inquire.

Deposit Required to register is $200. You are welcome to pay more with deposit and the remaining balance can be split into two installments, due August 30 and September 30.

Send deposit payment to @feministsanctuary via vemno to secure your spot! Contact if you need other payment methods.

The Space


High Desert Paradise is a bright and spacious home atop Pinon Ridge offering breathtaking views of Yucca Valley across its 5 acres of indigenous high desert terrain. Enjoy privacy, rejuvenation, and experiential hospitality. Sip your coffee from atop a rock formation and enjoy our morning hike among native wildlife. Soak up the desert sun poolside, drink in the colors at sunset and gaze up at the starry sky from the hot tub.



IMG_0318 (1)

Collaborators + Offerings

Photo by Calethia DeConto

Pamela Samuelson

Embody Work LA

Certified somatic sex educator, multidisciplinary bodyworker, feminist health and sexuality advocate, orgasmic birth doula, founder of the Feminist Health Alliance, a writer and activist, mom of a clever 4 year old daughter, and lifelong dancer based in Los Angeles. A force to be reckoned with and a fountain of knowledge, Pamela’s compassion is oceanic and the information she so passionately shares is truly mind blowing.

During our time with Pamela, we will get to know our sex anatomies— our vulvas, vaginas, the whole universe between our legs – more intimately than ever in our lives. We can say this with confidence because we hosted her back in March during our Pussy Wisdom retreat, and everyone was blown away. That’s why we booked her for the whole day to share even more with us. That includes pelvic bowl meditation, crystal egg practice, vaginal mapping self massage. We’re taking back all the pussy wisdom.

The offerings in her words:

Pelvic Bowl Meditation Session

A powerful group meditation for bringing focused awareness into the pelvic bowl in order to cultivate presence, connection, compassion for oneself, and the complete personal permission to take ownership of this most potent, often contested part of the body. We will introduce the use of crystal eggs as a powerful tool for deepened practice.

Take Back the Speculum: Sex Ed for Grown Ass People

This workshop offers information, tools and practices to empower you to fully step into your sovereignty, eradicate any shreds of inherited shame, and take charge of your choice, health, and sexual wellbeing. Cuz your doctor works for you. Not the other way around.
We will cover: an overview of the spectrum of healthy sexual anatomy, an opportunity to participate in the Gallery that Destroys All Shame, a demonstration of a cervical self exam, and an opportunity for all participants to examine themselves (and, if desired and permitted, observe others) under supervision. Open to all humans with an interior sexual anatomy who would enjoy taking back their total authority and seeing their own glorious bodies on their own terms.

Photo by Calethia DeConto

Nicole Sabourian

Founder, Feminist Sanctuary

Creatrix, mamma, divine rebel. Nicole produces retreats and womxn’s circles as a platform for up and coming leaders in intersectional feminist and healing spaces to grow together and build community. Nicole will be leading the opening and closing circles of our weekend.

Her 20 year journey of spiritual inquiry, healing and empowerment has led to a deep commitment to the path of sisterhood and activism, with an emphasis on reprogramming ourselves out of patriarchal ways of thinking and promoting non-hierarchical leadership, where everyone’s unique wisdom and innate power is honored.

Erlinda Carter

Founder, Girl Gang Steam

Daughter of the Seven Sisters and mother of Goddesses, on a journey of self love, care and awareness. Erlinda has a deep sense of love for the practice and works one on one with clients and groups of women, holding space and sharing her own experience and hope around steaming. She is the homegirl, the sister and the friend, here to chat about all things vagina, love, self and motherhood. Erlinda is co-hosting this retreat and will educate us on the powers of vaginal steaming. Those interested and able will have the opportunity to steam throughout the weekend. Erlinda has portable steam boxes and will share her steam protocol (sitting over a steam box with cloths over our waists/legs).

Women have been steaming in healing waters with medicinal herbs for hundreds of years in indigenous cultures across the planet. It’s no surprise that we are rediscovering v steaming in our communities now, as the practice is a profound tool for taking our health into our own hands and reclaiming sovereignty over our bodies. Women use V steaming for health, healing, cleansing, peace, and releasing toxic energy. It can help balance our womb space in any stage of life. With proper protocol, it can help regulate your period, treat cramps, dryness, heavy bleeding, lack of bleeding; aid in the healing process post miscarriage, abortion and birth; and support post menopausal cervical health. It’s the best preventative medicine for our lady parts. Keli Garza calls it, “your little gynecologist in a box.”

Rima Thierry

Rima believes in moving and breathing the body as a way to uncover our own unique nature, to feel connected and grounded, and to step into our radiance and grace through unconditional love and acceptance.  She has been practicing for over 20 years, and has trained under the guidance of yoga masters including Gurmukth, Saul David Raye, Jonny Kest, and Guru Singh. She has a passion for women’s work, and is also a birth doula and lactation counselor.  When she is not on her yoga mat, she can be found running after her 4 little boys.  


Yoga + Movement Session // Fierce Embodiment:

Fierce embodiment is a practice that uncovers our own unique nature and reminds us of what makes us come alive everyday.  We will explore Hatha and Kundalini self healing techniques through breath work, voice release, movement, meditation and dance that will open our bodies, minds and souls.

Photo by Calethia DeConto

Sita Young

Tarot to the People
A longtime Vipassana meditator and tarot card reader, Sita was given her first deck at 16 by her mother who was also a reader. Her meditation and reading practices inform each other, as her understanding of the psychological messages of the human experience through tarot continue to evolve. We are lucky to have Sita joining us to offer readings as an alla carte offering one on one through out the weekend.

This will be a magical, deeply transformational weekend. If you feel called to join us and have any questions on what to expect or are wondering if it’s right for you, reach out through the contact page and we’d be happy to set up a time to connect.